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   The idea for a community radio station originated with Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative’s former general manager, Jim Kinghorn. In times of emergency, the cooperative and other organizations needed ways to communicate with Hatteras Islanders.


   A non-profit corporation named Radio Hatteras Inc. was formed. Community radio for Hatteras Island is happening today with the generous contribution of station licenses and transmitting equipment from David Wilson, Arlington, Va., and contributions from Dare County, Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative and two Hatteras Island Volunteer Fire Departments. Radio Hatteras will be on-the-air in times of emergency.






   The mission of Radio Hatteras is to provide island-specific broadcast radio communications that enhances the safety and quality of life of Hatteras Island residents, visitors and property owners.

Radio Hatteras and its facilities are locally owned, governed, operated and supported to the benefit of the audience served. Radio Hatteras is operated on a non-commercial, non-profit basis. The corporation has received its 501(c)(3) status.


2021 Board of Directors and Officers:

President: Mike Hennessy

Vice President: Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy

Treasurer: Carol O’Neal

Members: Lou Browning, Jane Grimm,  Richard Marlin, Dan Oden



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